Energy Independence

UK Solar Service Energy Independence

Save more money

By using stored solar energy in the evenings or when the sun isn’t shining, you will not need to draw as much energy from your supplier, saving you even more money on your bills.


We hear in the news about the current condition of the National Grid and the potential of brown-outs due to the uncertain future of energy supply. Thankfully with a solar storage system, you are taking a step closer to energy independence and getting your home future-ready against these impending issues.

Protect agaisnt price hikes

Energy suppliers are continually putting their prices up. Indeed they have been increasing at eight times the rate of earnings. By using your self-generated solar energy in the day, and stored energy when the sun isn’t shining, you will be drawing less energy from your supplier and will, therefore, be less affected by energy price rises.


Battery software can be updated over the air, so as technology continues to develop you know that your investment will keep on improving with time.


If you are exporting more than expected due to being out during the day or low energy usage in general, then you are effectively exporting your investment in solar energy. Using stored energy will allow you to maximise the consumption of your self-generated energy and give less away.

Time of use

Some batteries have the ability to charge from the grid, making use of low-rate time of use tariffs and providing a cheap alternative to drawing from the grid in winter months when your solar won’t be producing as much.

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