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Installing our solar inverter and power optimisers can dramatically improve the performance of your solar PV system. It ensures the system is not affected by any shading issues or any issues with the soiling of panels. On top of that the Solar edge inverter comes with a 25 year product warranty which far out reaches the standard 5 or 10 year inverter warranty offered in the earlier years of the Fit scheme.

As many installers have ceased trading this will give you complete peace of mind knowing that the most important part of the installation is covered by your warranty which will out live the FIT payments






Solar i Boost

Solar iBoost+ is an automatic water heating device for pv system owners. Its increased efficiency and functionality help deliver even more savings and allows you to conveniently monitor and control Solar iBoost+ within the home.

You will benefit from

Maximizing the use of the free solar energy generated at your property
● Cutting the cost of heating your water
● Reduced use of your boiler

Solar iBoost+ uses only energy that would be exported, unlike some similar products, so you take the opportunity to use as much of the free energy that, unless you have an export meter, you are paid for anyway!


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